2021 Kruise Exclusive,
Gene Simmons Entrepreneurial Rockstar Bass Experience
Details below…

The RockStar Experience includes:

1. The Bass Signing / Meet & Greet

  • Choice of Gene Simmons Bass signed & personalized by Gene Simmons
  • Bass Certificate of authenticity signed by Gene Simmons
  • Hard Shell Gene Simmons bass case signed by Gene Simmons
  • Private Meet & Greet with Gene Simmons with up to THREE guests (total of 4 people)
    *Please note: While meeting and chatting with Gene, you can ask Gene…ANYTHING!!
    You will find that Gene Simmons is very down to earth, funny and knowledgeable on most any subject.
  • Photos and video are allowed with your own cameras
  • Up to 4 other items (TOTAL- NOT PER PERSON!) of memorabilia autographed by Gene Simmons (no other instruments or pickguards)

2. The GENE SIMMONS Entrepreneurial Event! (yep, included w/ your pkg!)

You and ONE guest are invited to join Gene Simmons for fun bunch fun business, a-la Shark Tank-ish event.
So, Picture yourself on the TV show Shark Tank And… GENE SIMMONS is The SHARK!

    • The event will include food & drinks, fun GS themed credentials & “thank you goodies”!
    • GS will invite each buyer on stage, individually, to PITCH their custom bass design to THE GOD OF THUNDER.
    • Gene will determine Winner/s.
    • Winner will be rewarded with their design on a Gene Simmons AXE or Punisher and Gene will play it on stage at a future show!!
    • More Info coming your way as we get closer to the Kruise date!
    • Once date/time is confirmed we will post. Seating is VERY limited!


RULES? Of course, there are a few Rules!…

  • After purchase of your Bass Experience package, you’ll be emailed a link to download/print a blank AXE and a Punisher. (you choose which bass model you’d like to use) This will be your design model.

  • You can create any design you like. But if you opt to use Gene’s face in makeup on the bass, we can make it if you win, but he can not play it on stage. Just a weird KISS rule. Though, we can still make it and Gene will still sign it!

  • Please note, this is NOT about being a great graphic artist!
    Can’t draw?  Don’t know how to use graphics programs? Who cares? Doesn’t matter at all!!
    Conceptual designs are about the idea & the meaning behind it.
    The sky’s the limit…this is all YOU!

  • YOUR presentation should include, your name, title of _____; why you chose it and anything else you think is SUPER important.

  • YOU WILL HAVE EXACTLY 45 Seconds to present your idea. **If you go over..you are disqualified, no exceptions**
    Trust us, 45 seconds will seem like an eternity! ?

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Upgrade Your EXPERIENCE:


Costume Show 1 or 2 Stage played packages include everything in the ROCKSTAR Bass package listed above (including Exclusive dinner for 2) and…
The Demon himself will play YOUR BASS on stage in front of you and thousands of fans and then walk that Bass backstage after the show, hand it to you, personalize and sign it to your liking along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Hard Shell Demon Bass Case, all while we snap tons of professional photos of your incredible experience with Gene Simmons.

*Stage played Basses are modified for Gene to use on Stage as he is actually playing your bass on stage.

KISS concert /Kruise tickets not included in pkgs

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To purchase or inquire about payment plans, email-  info@GeneSimmonsAxe.com or call 310-994-0566 


How will we get to the private area for our M&G Experience
A few weeks prior to the Kruise you will receive a detailed email with your instructions on where we will be meeting you on board the ship. Once we are together… you and your guests will be escorted by us to MEET GENE SIMMONS.
Will you be offering Shipping services if I purchase a bass?

Yes, but details and cost will follow as we get closer to Kruise.

Will my Meet & Greet take place on a day when we are docked in Hondoras or Belize?

No…please feel free to make plans. Your GS experiences will take place on days at Sea.

May reserve a Bass pkg with a deposit and then make payments?

Yep! If you are not ready to pay in full for your Gene Simmons Meet & Greet Experience, we have a very simple & easy payment plan.

All invoicing is done online and a deposit of $500 or more secures your Meet & Greet Bass Experience reservation.

From there you can make payments at your leisure.

As long as the package is paid in full by the date of the event, you are good to go!

Each time you make a payment you as well as us, will receive an email with the payment amount and the new balance due. Payments can be made with any credit card or your own bank account and is completely secure.

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Join Gene Simmons, The God of Thunder himself, as we debut an exclusive collection of 20 personally-owned iconic GENE SIMMONS one-of-a-kind hand painted and sculptural Fine Art Bass Guitar Masterpieces.

Wall Of Fame

Personal messages from members of The Gene Simmons Bass Collectors Club.

Meet Gene On Tour

We will meet you at a designated area at the venue, prior to the show to organize details etc. After the show, you and your guests will be escorted backstage to MEET GENE SIMMONS, in Make-up!