Personal messages from members of
The Gene Simmons Bass Collectors Club

Name: Chip White

From: Georgia, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise III

What I remember most: Every Meet & Greet was special but TWO Meet & Greet’s stand out to me. One in Vegas where my mom attended. Meeting Gene was something she had wanted to do for a long time. How personable he was with her and her meeting him made this particular M&G special. The other was the Master Class. Taking a lesson and playing with Gene during that event was epic.

Number of GS Basses Owned: Four!

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The experience. The memories. One on one with Gene

Name: Danny Foster

From: California, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS FEB 16, 2019 at the Forum in Los Angeles

What I remember most: The whole experience was amazing and surreal! Like the pint where you aren’t sure if you’re dreaming or awake!!!! Uncle Gene greeted the boys gave me a hug and gave one to the wife! It was like we’re home and he knew us! As a dad, this is exactly the moments I want for my kids (and a little for me too 😜) I am forever grateful and eternally thankful for every second spent!!

Number of GS Basses Owned: 2

What Keeps Me Coming Back: Gene’s great with my boys and very personable with my wife. Each time we cross paths he gives me nuggets of wisdom and lessons of life he’s learned. Each time we are in the same room it’s freaking magic!!!!!!! I cherish every one of these meetings and look forward to the next one!

Name: Angelo Luchetta

From: Connecticut, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Brooklyn N.Y. 8/20/19 End Of The Road Tour

What I remember most:I remember how kind and heartwarming gene was. We talked for least 15 mins the experience was non-rushed. Gene was very personable. He told me about the bass how it’s made. We also talked about past and present KISS members . Gene is a great person and loves his fans this was the best meet and greet I ever had. This will be in my heart forever. I was very impressed by how knowledgeable he is and a great sense of humor

Number of GS Basses Owned: One, for now.

What Keeps Me Coming Back: This was the best one on one meet and greet and I love that he takes his time and autographs all your items. And meeting my childhood hero.

Name: Shawn Schaeffer

From: Utah, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise V

What I remember most: Meeting my life long hero and getting to tell him how he saved my life

Number of GS Basses Owned: I with another coming on KISS Kruise VI

What Keeps Me Coming Back: I had a whole day with Gene in the Master Class Experience and I got to write a song with my hero, kind of hard to not want to do that again.

Name: Frank Benpensata

From: Staten Island, NY USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: Wizard World Comic Convention

What I remember most: Getting a private meet and greet with Gene’s at his hotel in New York City. This was the night before the NYC Vault Experience in 2018. Just walking through the hotel lobby and hallways chatting with Gene was an unbelievable experience.

Number of GS Basses Owned: Five…Classic Punisher, Primitive Axe, Vampire Punisher, Classic Axe, Chrome Blade Axe….Possibly a few more. !

What Keeps Me Coming Back: His instruments are amazing but I also love that Gene signs items too. I’m a big KISS collector

Name: Rich Ericksen

From: Connecticut, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise IV 2014

What I remember most: Being up in Gene’s suite on the ship! I loved having the one on one time, not feeling rushed & not only feeling that our interaction was sincere but that Gene wanted to be there and wanted to hear what I had to say. The second time was the master class. That was a life altering experience that I will cherish forever.

Number of GS Basses Owned: 2 with more to come!

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The Master Class, The one on one time with my hero, The opportunity to get my cherished memorabilia autographed, and there’s too many cool basses I want.

Name: Jamie Downs

From: Georgia, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise 1

What I remember most: Other than it being great? I was *so* nervous to meet one of my heroes. I testify in court professionally, but this was the only time I was so excited/nervous that I was visibly shaking! Gene and Shannon had just gotten married. I gave them a wedding present. I met him again at another meet and greet when Shannon happened to be there. I reminded him about that wedding present and she interrupted and said that it was on the coffee table in their home!

Number of GS Basses Owned: That depends on who you ask.
My wife? Way too many.   Me? At least one less than I need!

What Keeps Me Coming Back: As crazy as this might sound to some people, it is the value of the experience. Is it costly? Yes. If you have the ability to save up and do it, I would highly encourage that. The whole Gene Simmons axe team is Thoroughly professional and knows how to put the fan at ease during what is arguably one of the highlights of the whole Fan Experience. In addition to the Priceless Memories and fascinating discussions from the interaction with Gene, you get to take home a superbly crafted instrument, memento, keepsake! WITH PHOTOS!

Name: Steve McCarthy

From: North Carolina, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: 2012 KISS Tour

What I remember most: Being able to spend so much personal time with my Hero

Number of GS Basses Owned: 4 – Axe, Punisher, GR Punisher, White/Gold Acoustic Punisher

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The basses are great, but how many people can honestly say they have met their Hero…I can and will continue to! Its the experience with Gene that makes me come back time and time again.

Name: John & Nicole Cataldo

From: New Jersey, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise V

What I remember most: Gene was so personable! He was telling jokes and we were laughing the whole time.  He listened to every word we had to say and spoke to us as equals.  It wasn’t like you were talking to a rock star, but more like you were talking to your friend.  An added bonus was that Shannon showed up and spent the entire time with us as well!!  Also got to see Sophie too!!!We will be doing it again on KKVI.

Number of GS Basses Owned: One, but soon to be two!!

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The experience. The memories. Being able to spend time with with Gene

Name: Dale Kemp

From: Edmonton, Canada

First Backstage Bass Experience: Ft McMurray, Alberta, Canada on the 2011 Hottest Show On Earth Tour

What I remember most: We were the only ones backstage that afternoon. I remember hanging out with my boys while waiting for Gene and meeting Doc. We had so much time with Gene to sign and take pics.

Number of GS Basses Owned: I currently have 4 Basses, my favorite being my stage played silver chrome blood axe from the Vegas Hard Rock residency….and keeping an eye on one of those White Punishers or Acoustics!

What Keeps Me Coming Back: I keep going back for the amazing day that is the Gene Simmons M&G Experience. It’s all in the details! From early in the afternoon right through to midnight. Every experience is unique and unscripted so you never know what to expect!!! And it is always such a pleasure spending time with EVERYONE in the KISS Family. I don’t think you can find a better group of people to spend a day with!!!

Name: Paul Smith

From: Kentucky, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise V

What I remember most: The long wait lol but, It was worth it. Gene makes you feel like your the only one in the room and is willing to go the extra mile to make the most out of your experience and that goes for Christina and staff. The master class was a hoot (who’s RINGING) and I was guilty!!

Number of GS Basses Owned: 4 Basses

What Keeps Me Coming Back: I

Name: Bobbi Jamriska

From: Colorado, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise III

What I remember most: I had met Gene before at book signings and KISS M&G’s at shows but this experience was completely different. He takes great care to spend time with you and really makes it a special event. He is engaging, funny, and truly appreciates the fans. My absolute favorite M&G memory is when Gene was signing my Domino T-shirt and he started reciting the lyrics while he signed, “Lemme tell you my story….” It was incredible.

Number of GS Basses Owned: More than a few

What Keeps Me Coming Back: I don’t have the space in my apartment to have the large collection of collectibles that some of my friends have. This is a great way to have KISS collectibles that do not take a lot of space and the time you spend with Gene is an added bonus you can’t get if you buy other collectibles..

Name: Rob Lovash

From: Ohio, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise II

What I remember most: Gene made the whole family feel comfortable with his sense of humor, He listened to what we had to say, made me feel like an old friend for the time we spent with him.

Number of GS Basses Owned: Three

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The natural high you get from spending time with your idol of 40 years.

Name: David Blakely

From: Arizona, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: Vegas 2014 

What I remember most: I remember most the Gene hug when he smeared his make up all over my face after the show. I also remember how cool it was that my kids (all now adults) got to meet him for the first time right along with me.

Number of GS Basses Owned: 1 and 2nd one coming up at KK VI

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The whole experience is amazing. From how personable Gene is to how special we were treated by Christina and Patrick.

Name: Chuck Cooper

From: Indiana, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise 3

What I remember most: The excitement leading up to meeting one of my rock heroes of over 35 years was amazing! But, sharing a microphone with Gene on stage in the first Master Class will always be my fondest memory.

Number of GS Basses Owned: 3

What keeps me coming back: The Gene Simmons M&G experience is hands down the greatest going in the music industry! The fact that Gene demands a superior product for his fans (customers) is evident in the people he surrounds himself with to plan & execute the amazing M&G experiences. The #TeamGene people and my Rock Hero are what keeps me coming back for more.

Name: John Upshaw Downs Jr.

From: South Carolina, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise 1

What I remember most: I remember finally getting to meet my Superhero after so many years! I was nervous but Gene made me feel comfortable by telling jokes and making you laugh. He really made me feel like the center of attention, and he took the time to explain the craftsmanship of his bass! You can tell he is proud of his Punisher and Axe! He signed my four items, signed my bass, and signed my bass case! He even signed my head!

Number of GS Basses Owned: 20+

What Keeps Me Coming Back: As they say “Variety Is The Spice of Life”! First, there are so many choices of basses to choose from. Second, you get to Meet and Greet THE Gene Simmons of KISS! Third, You get to interact with Gene while he tells you stories about his life and his experiences. Fourth, Gene’s professional staff sets up the Meet and Greets so you don’t have to worry about anything. They take pictures of you and Gene so you can relive the memories later. And Finally, you get to take home a collector’s item. A truly one of a kind Gene Simmons Punisher or Axe. Sure the experience cost money, but what price do you put on a once in a lifetime event for most people.

Name: Davy Smith

From: Montana, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: Freedom To Rock Tour 2016

What I remember most: Meeting Gene without make-up following the afternoon’s acoustic set, talking to him about the bass while getting autographs & photos. Watching Gene play the bass onstage during “Flaming Youth”, “Bass Solo” (while vomiting blood then flying to the rafters) & “God Of Thunder”. Meeting Gene with make-up immediately after he walked off stage following the concert while covered in blood & sweat (like on the Alive 2 album cover), having him signing the bass while talking to me & taking more photos while presenting it to me.  Also having Gene’s assistants/security actually escort me out to my vehicle safely.

Number of GS Basses Owned: 3, 2 Axes (1 bloody stage played Axe) & 1 Punisher.

What Keeps Me Coming Back: Gene has always been my hero since I was a kid!!  More to come!

Name: Tamara Townsend

From: Ohio, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: KISS Kruise 5

What I remember most: I gave Gene retirement stripes (USAF) thanking him for giving back. He just kept saying “I didn’t do anything”. Oh yes you did demon. Oh yes you did. ?

Number of GS Basses Owned: 1

Name: Joe Lagana

From: Pennsylvania, USA

First Backstage Bass Experience: Scranton PA 2012

What I remember most: I’ve had 4 bass related meet and greets with Gene. All memorable in many different ways. I’m always nervous to be around my idol and a legend. Gene is always so personable and takes time to answer any questions you ask. You can truly tell that Gene loves his fans. I also had an opportunity on KKV to participate in the Master Class and that was an amazing experience. To have an opportunity to write, play and sing a song on the same stage as GENE SIMMONS… WOW !!!!

Number of GS Basses Owned: 4

What Keeps me Coming Back: The excitement of being around my idol. I can never get enough Gene !!!

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